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How to Use Predictive Customer Intelligence?

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It’s your birthday and one of the first messages on your phone is from your bank wishing you a very happy birthday! While we won’t contemplate about the kind of social life you might be leading, it’s safe to say that by sending that message, your bank certainly earned some brownie points with you.

Not that you’re going to ask for a loan today, but the next time you need banking services, you’re bound to remember your own bank, rather than looking at the features of the banks in your neighborhood. So sending you that birthday note was a customized personalized customer experience right there!

But you might not be a bank. And even if you are a bank, a SMS is hardly the tool you can leverage to improve customer retention and loyalty. You need PCI – predictive customer intelligence. You want CBA – our exclusive offering of customer behavior analytics that shows you how to use predictive customer intelligence to drive your business better.

IBM Cognos Partner, IBM Business Analytics partner, business intelligence,Here are a few ways to use customer behavior analytics for a higher success rate in your marketing campaigns:

1. Targeted Messaging

We’ve already discussed this, with the birthday SMS as an example. You can go much further like customer profiling and segmentation to ensure relevant and successful interaction with the customers, thus increasing the response rates of your marketing campaigns.

2. Targeted Offerings

Predictive analytics, or our customer behavior analytics lists your most profitable customers or most potential prospects to roll out your offerings, based on different attributes you input into the data and of course historical data.

3. Real time Marketing

With PCI and CBA you can offer your products and services at the right time, or just in time, based on your data gathered from social media, call center, physical interactions with the customers, and more. You can make offers that are highly relevant to the customer, and possibly correct your marketing efforts IN REAL TIME to respond to the customer’s needs NOW, instead of planning for the future.

In short, you can predict what the customer wants, even before the customer herself realizes what she wants! And this is the kind of personalization that not only improves customer-client relationship and customer loyalty, but also improves brand presence. A winning score in all aspects of marketing.

So what are you waiting for? Join us tomorrow (July 20th) in Dallas at the Morton’s Steakhouse to discuss your analytics journey, and how we can help you optimize your business analytics with PCI, CBA, and more solutions at our disposal.

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