SPSS Modeler

Brief history IBM provides a data mining and analytics software application named as SPSS modeler. It was originally named Clementine by its creator Integral Solutions Private Limited. SPSS acquired this particular model. When IBM acquired SPSS in 2009, the product was renamed as IBM SPSS… Read More »SPSS Modeler

Predictive Analytics for Customer-Oriented Retail Banking

Today, consumers demand more from retail banks such as customized products, convenient service, and even rewards for being loyalty. In a recent banking industry report from McKinsey Company, they pointed out that “most banks have never created a close relationship with their retail customers and understand little of their actual needs.” Although maintaining relationships with customers is critical, and many banks aspire to do so, only few can actually deliver.
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Minimize Loss in Auto Auctions with IBM Predictive Analytics

In the next five years, revenue for the used car market is expected to trend higher. Because the industry relies strongly on consumers to drive revenue growth, fluctuations in disposable income dictate the direction of the industry. In the coming years, rising disposable income levels are anticipated to increase the likelihood of an individual purchasing a big-ticket item, such as a used automobile.
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