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Improving the Productivity of Call Centers with Call Center Staffing Optimization (Webinar)

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Call centers face a lot of challenges such as long customer wait times, too many call transfers, and high agent turnover rates. Watch this webinar to learn how Decision Optimization and Machine Learning can resolve call center challenges. In this webinar,  Sanjeev Datta, the principal of Cresco International, Dr. Meysam Cheramin, Operations Research Specialist and the developer of CallCarePro (Cresco International’s Call Center Staffing Optimization app), and Thaylon Nogueira, Senior Optimization Consultant at FICO will talk about:

  • Call center challenges and their negative effects on businesses
  • Call Center Staffing Optimization and its benefits
  • Machine Learning++ and its advantages
  • Required technologies to build efficient Call Center Staffing Optimization solutions
  • How Cresco International can help you
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