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Is Predictive Customer Intelligence PCI for you?

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Predictive Customer Intelligence (PCI), or Predictive Customer Analytics, helps you understand your customers better, individually. It helps you “predict” what your customers would want next. But is it really for you?

Let’s find out.

PCI has been designed to be really easy to use. If you’re in Sales or Marketing, and you receive our call asking you about incorporating PCI into your workflow, you really can’t say No! just because you’re in your field, and not in any Tech-related department in your organization. PCI has been specially designed for front-line warriors like you, who deal with the customer directly. Who better to use it then, right?

Marketing executives, sales teams, consumer relations analysts, whoever you are – if you’re dealing with the customer directly, through call centers, apps, emails, social networks, or even at your brick-and-mortar store locations, you can use PCI or predictive customer intelligence to personalize your interactions with the customer, and maintain relevancy throughout the touch points.

Take, for instance, any video game, XBOX, PS4, or app, whatever. Have you ever noticed how in a zombie apocalypse world when you’re fighting zombies and you suddenly are ambushed without any support and your gaming persona will mostly likely die at any instant, a really cool weapon just happens to show up right around the corner, and what originally started as a half-hour break is now a 16-hour marathon because you have to beat that guy sitting way over in Vietnam just because he holds the highest score? It’s happened to the best of gamers and the worst too. Not that you would sit in for a 16-hour video game marathon, but the fact is by supplying the gamer with the right and relevant tools, the game empowers the gamer to turn into a loyalist, thus more gaming hours clocked!

It’s the same concept over here at PCI. As a brand or service provider, you can get deep into the minds of the customer using a variety of advanced techniques like predictive modeling, sentiment analysis, and data mining to analyze current as well as historical data, and predict what offers your customer will respond to positively, complain, or seek the competition. And then build relevant customer experiences based on these predictions, and build customer loyalty, while reducing customer churn.


A fancy looking coupon just doesn’t cut it anymore. You have to make the customer feel she’s the only one in the world you and your whole team cares about. That’s how you can build customer loyalty, and PCI helps in creating contextually relevant experiences to create the illusion where your customer “knows” she is at the center of everything you do and cater to. This is the moment of great customer satisfaction that ultimately increases customer revenue and pushes you forward in the right direction of success.

Want to know more about PCI, and how it can help you? Email us at and set up an exclusive session with one of our experts.

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